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Since 1984 the Vive Shelter, located in Buffalo NY, has worked to assist individuals seeking asylum in the United States or Canada due to the inability to return to their homeland. Over the past 33 years, Vive has provided legal assistance and refuge for over 100,000 people many of whom have suffered from religious persecution and hardship in their native countries.  

With the increasing focus on deporting non-citizens by the Trump administration, Vive has become overwhelmed with a surge of refugees. Operating solely on donations and grants, the facilities are in need of constant repair, and increasing cases demand more staff and legal aids. 

In hopes of assisting Vive's humanitarian efforts we have partnered with Honey Ramka gallery and over 90 artists to hold a one-night art benefit. Through community, creativity, and donations we resist the current administration's program of absolutism and authoritarianism. 

-Rachel Phillips and Anna Ortiz